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When calling, please use discretion and check the time zone first.
  [Updated October 7, 2022]


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"I received an inquiry re an item I posted for sale. After agreeing on price, he stated he would send a certified check for an amount thirty times the agreed-to price and the item would be picked up by his rep. I am told that this is a common scam; to protect our members, adequate warning should be given.           - Ozzie Levi"
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"I saw your wanted ad on the web and am oblige to let you know that i have it in here for sale...Get back to me if your still in need though. You are to make payment through western union or money gram. Several of these come from the U.K.   Notice that he didn't try describing what it is he's trying to sell."
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For Sale 1950 Cruisemaster 14-19 dismantled and in storage. Available for sale.   Rodney   417-342-8230   MO 32-4
For Sale Complete Whelen strobe/Nav light wingtip lights taken from my 1976 Decathlon. Includes A413, T2-14 power supply; flashtubes are A427, Nav light lenses and strobe lenses are glass and are perfect. Everything is tested and is working. $425 including shipping. Call or text for pictures.
Also     Four first run Lycoming wide deck cylinders from AEIO-320-E1B. They are as removed but show no sign of unusual wear or cracking. My Lycoming info says that they are LW-12416 and have about 1940 hours. Had good compression at the last annual. The engine was disassembled because of a bad cam lobe. The cylinders are complete with pistons, and piston pins and plugs.   Jeff   406-941-2974   MT 32-4
For Sale Cruisair 14-13-2 TT 2260 Lycoming O435-C TT 1355 TSMOH 955 Hartzell NO AD prop HC2DMV20-8 Prop 550 SNEW in 2003. Flying but needs restoration. $11,900.   Bob   515-890-1665   email   NY 32-4
For Sale Cruisair 14-13-2: Set of Pilot's Rudder Pedal (9912) and Co-Pilot Rudder Pedal (9909) $55 each set includes (US) shipping. Original Parking Brake and Flap Control Placards (9964-22 and 9964-23) $10 for both includes (US) shipping.   Robert   518-731-6800   email   NY 32-4
Wanted Lower nutcracker/torque link for Cruisair with steerable tail wheel. Part #15085-7. Mounting holes must not be worn.     Jarod   email   CA   32-3
For Sale 7AC conv. 7CCM w/ C-90 35 SMOH by Corona Aircraft Engines 2021, New Cyl, Mags, Plane Power Alternator, SkyTec Starter. TTAF 3470,McCauley prop 8/2008. Recovered w/Poly Fiber, new wing spars & paint in 2009 Always Hangared, 23 gal. capacity, 13 gal fuselage, 5 gal each wing. Radio Garmin Apollo SL40, Stratus ESG transponder & AKC 30.9 encoder, ADS-B in/out. WiFi for ForeFlight using iPad, Hydraulic Disc Brakes (heel brake retained), Seaplane door 2008, shoulder belts, LSA eligible, Blue/White- Ext 9, Int 9. $55K     Steven   949-701-8535   email   CA   32-3
For Sale Empannage from wrecked older Citabria. Rear fuselage section w/fin, horiz. stabilizers, elevators, rudder, and elevator trim tab. Fabric removed; tubing looks solid. Prefer to sell it all together. Make me an offer and pick it up in Tucson.   Phillip   520-404-0177   email   AZ 32-3
For Sale Custom shipping rack for 7KCAB Citabria wings. Welded 1”sq. steel tubing fully supports & surrounds wings; Mounts by fuselage & struts attachment points only; Photos available; $2,000 obo, buyer transport/shipping from New Garden, PA   Phillip email   PA 32-3
For Sale Firewall forward Cruisemaster 14-19. Lycoming 0435-C 1,000 hr. SMOH Hartzell 12x20 heavy clamps exc. blades. 250hr. AD is due, motor mt., cowling spinner. Many 0435-A and -A engine parts, will part out or sell as a package.   John   509-951-0888   email   WA 32-2
For Sale Cruisair 14-13-2 Set of gauges (used), Air Intake Box 9934-10 & Air Intake Duct (99340 with Generator Blast Tube (9937-5) rough, Control Wheel (9834) and Shaft (some corrosion) (9867-1).   Robert   518-731-6800   email   NY 32-2
For Sale Cruisair 14-13-2 Parts. LH Flap, RH & LH Stabilizer, RH Elevator, 3 Franklin Oil Coolers, Hand Crank for landing gear, Cruisemaster Engine Mount, Cruisemaster Door, Miscelaneous other parts.   Tim   760-403-6297   email   CA 32-2
For Sale 1958 Cruisemaster Project, O470-L 253.9 SMOH. McCauley 2A34C66-P with 5.3 SPOH. I almost have it flying but is now exceeding the budget. May be ferriable. Asking $26k. Watch it run and taxi.   Mike   608-214-6652   WI 32-2

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For Trade or Sale 1960 Bellanca 260 14-19-3, 2558 TTAF, 1360 SMOH, IO-470-F, Annual 9/2021. Good condition, always hangared, Recent upgrades include ADS-B In/Out w/Stratus ESG and 3i, EDM-700, Surefly Electronic Ignition in place of left Mag. Otherwise older panel dual Nav/Com, intercom, good VFR instruments. Looking for trade for a Citabria or similar for towing gliders, or a high-performance sailplane. Any good trade will be considered. Ready for delivery anywhere in the US. Complete Logs.   Bryan   360-734-3361   email   WA 32-2
Wanted Top door latch for my 1946 14-13 Cruisair.    Nicholas   Text 602-349-9967   AZ   32-2
For Sale Citabria Airglass L2000 Skis. Used and in good condition. All hardware and STC paperwork included. Asking $1,800.
  Tim   509-990-4300   WA   32-1
For Sale Cruisair & Franklin 165 items: 165 ring sets, exhaust valves, magneto gears, mag gear shock absorber rings, mag gear shock absorber plug, mag gasket to accessory case, Champion REJ38, C10S spark plugs, Kohler K-1352-6-1 fuel press relief valve, AC fuel pump bowl gasket cutter (2.25" o.d.,1.75" i.d.), Sensenich metal propeller: M74DR-0-60, 13" prop spinner w/ back & front plates, Bruce's Cruisair canopy cover w/ 12" wing extensions, for venturis, OAT. portable GPS: Garmin Area 500, w/ panel deck mount. panel instruments: airspeed: Edo-Aire EA-5173-101, engine rpm tach Gmc 0-3500, sensitive altimeter 22-374-B01-2, turn & bank / needle ball / vacuum Pioneer 1719-1AF-AI.
Also, collection of B-C Contact! Publications, Starting with edition 1-1, Winter 1986 through edition 31-4. Missing 9 publications from collection.
  Jeff   864-275-3798   SC   32-1
For Sale 1947 Cruisair 14-13-2. Really not happy about offering this delightful airplane for sale after 16 years, but my age is taking its toll. Hangared at least back to about 1995. Excellent condition in and out. All logs from original purchase. Franklin 150 HP engine with about 600 SMOH, 50 STOH. Kidwell landing gear STC (hydraulic actuated gear). Aeromatic propeller, but the McCaully fixed pitch it replaced is also an option. King (com and xpdr) and Garmin (ADS-B out). 4-seat intercom. Includes a set of Bruces Custom Covers (wings, cabin,engine) rarely used, and various spare parts and wing jacks, manuals, etc. I can deliver all or part way in most of the USA.
  Bill   650-400-6922   CA   31-4
Wanted Citabria in good condition.   Hal   928-710-7701   email   AZ   31-4
For Sale Bellanca 14-9 (Junior) project with clear title $700. Everything goes.
  Mike   661-948-1087   email   CA   31-4
Wanted Wheel pants for my 1946 Bellanca Cruisair Senior, looking for parts or plans. Also: STCd 20 gal aux tank for my 1946 Bellanca Cruisair Senior.   William   305-298-6123   FL   31-1
Wanted Left 18 gal fuel tank for 1967 7ECA.     Pete   email   413-329-1657   MA   31-1
For Sale Grove Master cylinder P/N 670-3 never installed. Also Parts for Gerdes master cylinder. All for $150 plus $10 shipping.     Rod   email   512-784-1540   TX   30-4
For Sale 1971 7GCBC American Champion metal spar wings. O SMOH 160HP. Completely rebuilt to like new condition. $60,000.     Ron   509-765-1606 or 509-750-2327   email   WA   29-4
For Sale 1973 Scout fuselage rebuilt, w/new cargo door; fabric through tapes; 180 hr Lycoming; all parts have been certified for O/H crank shaft N/G; needs a crank and gasket set and reassemble; running out of time need to sell project.     Ronald   603-770-6881   MA   29-4
Wanted Drawing #7998 Flap Hinges. My outer flap hinges are showing lots of wear and I would like to make replacements out of 4130 Steel.     Hugh   204-444-2399     email   MB   28-3

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