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Our West Coast Fly-In 2017
              [Updated 6/5/2017]

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Advance Registration has ended, but please join us at Columbia and register on site.

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...takes place Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11

at the Columbia CA Airport.

Come join us at the 2017 West Coast Fly-In! Great fun to be had for all attendees.

We sent out an inquiry to past attendees and these are some of the responses:
    Best part:
  • Overall great!
  • For a small type club, the Columbia event is really a great experience.
  • Camaraderie; meeting with fellow Bellanca owners and fans.
  • Local sight-seeing trips/events
  • The technical presentation by Dan Torrey
  • The venue at Columbia is great
  • Overall, this event is extremely well organized
  • This survey is a good idea!
  • I think the fly-in was very well run and I am at a loss when it comes to categorizing any segments as "the best part" or "not the best part". Pretty much, it's all good.
  • The peaceful chance to just live our airplanes for a few days; Dan Torrey's presentation; the general pace and activities are excellent.
  • I really enjoyed my first Fly-In and look forward to seeing everyone again this June. Thanks for your hard work!
  • Technical round tables, Dan Torrey, talking to other 14-13-2 owners
    Not the best part:
  • After the event I would really like to see a bunch of pictures on the website along with comments about what a great time everyone had. A nice spread on the website would give those people that have not previously attended a real incentive to come.
  • I have some ideas on collecting raffle prizes from various manufacturers and distributors.
  • It would be nice to have more prizes so that everyone gets something at the Saturday dinner.
  • I recall from last year that the locals at O22 were a bit put out by the use of the grass strip as a taxiway. It seemed that some of us where remaining on the runway too long (pushing back onto the strip, engine start, taxiing, etc.) It might be better to make greater use of the dirt road vs. the grass runway. [Use of the dusty dirt road is unkind to our owners' airplanes - Ed.]
  • Find something fairly close so those who want to do stuff off the airport can do so. There is a Melones Museum which is very interesting on Hwy 49. Will check if they are open Saturday. Also check if any of the marinas offer a day cruise on Melones on a houseboat. That might be a fun outing for some. The Train Museum is always fun and those who may want to visit Murphys or even Angels Camp are other options.
Some items on the agenda this year - Spot Landing and Flour Bombing contests: you could hold the winner's title. The Saturday off-airport activity will be a fun trip into downtown Murphy's for a walking tour and wine tasting. Of course, we will still have our informational Owners Roundtable Sessions to share recently acquired knowledge and experiences, and the always informative Dan Torrey Maintenance Presentation before Dinner, Drinks, Awards, and Raffle Prizes. The Airport Campground has been getting some upgrades: There is a new community fire pit and volleyball court and the horseshoe pits have been repaired. You do not want to miss this year's event - fun times, great weather, a lot of great Bellancas and new friends.

Vic Manuelli, Committee Chair

Columbia, CA Almost There!

This will be our 18th Annual West Coast Fly-In held in Columbia, California in the heart of Gold Rush Country. This Mother lode of Fly-Ins has become the largest gathering of Bellanca and Champion Aircraft on the West Coast, perhaps anywhere. Attendees can expect a weekend of beautiful airplanes (spanning several decades), wonderful food and drink, a chance to visit with fellow aircraft enthusiasts, and it all takes place in an idyllic, picturesque setting. We invite all members and their guests, and non-members to join us for this most enjoyable fly-in weekend.

Bellanca, Champion or whatever you fly or drive: Come Join Us!

This is a good opportunity to see our Club in action!


Friday: Registration begins, followed by a Pasta Dinner and an evening of socializing.

The late Ozzie Levi compiled an exciting tour of towns and historical sites around Columbia, CA. Air Tour participants, enhanced by Jim Kilbourn and now led by Jim Spee, will receive maps and a guide to spotting local historical sites such as Columbia State Historical Park, Sonora, and Angels Camp from the air; the flight will last approximately one hour. A "low-altitude" option is available to those prone to nosebleeds.

Spot Landing & Flour Bombing
All Lined Up

Late News: Jinn Davis' unique Aeronca Snow Plane prototype will be on display; none were ever produced for sale.

Vic Manuelli has selected several off-airport activities for those so inclined. You can download this list, which includes the event itinerary as well. A bag of goodies will be given out with every registration, filled with items provided by our generous commercial supporters.

Flour Bombing and Spot Landing Contest will be held on Saturday morning.

Raffle:   We'll be selling tickets to some great prizes (drawing Saturday night Dinner Meeting) solicited by Committee member Robert Swanland and donated by our generous supporters in support of the works of the Club:
  Note: Now you get 8, not 6 tickets for $5

Raffle Prizes to date:
  •     - SunShield (courtesy of the Club),
  •     - Gift Certificate (LARGE) from Jon Goldenbaum, for any Poly-Fiber, Randolph or Ceconite materials
  •     - A14 Handheld Radio courtesy of Icom America ,
  •     - Gift Certificate from Hooker Custom Harnesses,
  •     - From Zeftronics - Voltage Regulators (Four),
  •     - Sealed Aircraft Batteries - courtesy of Concorde,
  •     - From David Clark Company - a Headset,
  •     - From CamGuard - Oil Additives,
  •     - Oil Filter 6-pack courtesy of Tempest Plus Marketing Group,
  •     - Rod Machado aviation safety book or video courtesy of Rod Machado,
  •     - Gift Certificate from Wag Aero
  •     - Aircraft Tie Downs courtesy of FlyTies

Cold drinks and Club souvenirs will be available for purchase during the three days of the Fly-In. Breakfast will be offered Saturday and Sunday mornings in the clubhouse.

Friday, we'll run our the Gold Country Air Tour (see above), meet newcomers;

Afternoon, Dan Torrey, Bellanca guru of Mobile Aircraft Repair Service, will hold a seminar on maintenance experience,
    followed by a walk-around to look at participating airplanes: Torrey Presentation

Roundtables on mods and maintenance on Saturday afternoon:
        ... High-Wing Champions & Aeroncas - moderated by Robert Szego
        ... Triple-Tails - moderated by Larry Lowenkron
        ... Vikings - moderated by John Christensen

...and of course, there will be time to visit with everybody individually.

Saturday evening we will enjoy another wonderful meal * (catered by chef Josh Heller), and the camaraderie of this wonderful Bellanca-Champion group. There will be recognition for the People's Choice for a high-wing and a low-wing airplane, the oldest airplane in attendance, and for the longest distance flown to the fly-in. Then we'll draw the winners of the Raffle Prizes.

* Meatless Fare Available - please indicate your choices on Registration Form

This year's event will be catered by chef Josh Heller, wife Cindy and son Nate of Arnold, CA.We will have colorful, pre-printed name tags waiting for all advance registrants.

Please note: No taxiing is allowed between the two rows of airplanes. We want those already parked to stay clean and dust-free; there is also the safety issue of sharp props and people. On arrival, taxi to either end or the middle (by the registration booth), shut down and we will help push it in place. This does not apply to the Viking area since we only park on one side and face in, but please push back and turn perpendicular when departing. Thank you.

          Advance Registration has ended, but please join us at Columbia and register on site.

If you are flying in, bring your own tiedowns.
Monitor AWOS on 124.65 (209-536-9384) and UNICOM 122.975 for airport and runway conditions.

        Vic Manuelli (Committee Chair)          email         971-217-6210
        Bellanca-Champion Club HQ             email         518-731-6800

                                    Preparation for an event like this is a very complex and time-consuming effort. We would like to recognize and thank the Club's hard-working West Coast Fly-In Committee:
                                                    Vic Manuelli (Chair), Robert Swanland, Jim Spee and Robert Szego.

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